Pewaukee, WI,
10:27 AM

Drifting toward success

Students master the art of custom metal fabrication

What do a bench, a smoker and a drift trike have in common? No, this isn’t the start of a dad joke.

Metal Fabrication Capstone students have creative freedom when it comes to class projects. As one of the final courses before graduation, students are given the task of designing, laser cutting and welding their projects together. This year, students chose to design and build a stainless-steel bench, a grill/smoker and drift trikes.

Stainless-Steel Bench

The stainless-steel bench will live in the Industrial Building office reception area in room I-156. Students Kyle Burkowski, Colton Ruidl, Tyler Cebula and Michael Gibby designed the bench from a photo they were shown by WCTC Manufacturing Technologies Associate Dean Bob Novak. The students sketched the bench and made a 3-D computer model before cutting, bending and welding the steel.


The grill/smoker features two separate compartments on each side where meat (or veggies) can be smoked or grilled. Built with wheels and a tow hitch, this grill/smoker is sure to be a hit wherever it makes a stop.

Drift Trike

A total of three trikes were designed and built by students. One has a motor and will be the afformentioned drift trike and two will be pedal powered. The pedal versions will be used for fundrasing events around campus, along with the grill/smoker.

VIDEO: Trike Test Ride

Metal Fab Drift Trike