Pewaukee, WI,
11:06 AM

Pictures: From pig pen to pork palate

Culinary students butcher whole pig to make pork dishes

It’s not often one buys a whole pig to fry bacon or make pork chops. Standard practice is to go to the meat department at the local grocery store and purchase the final cuts of meat needed for a dish. But that’s not standard practice for WCTC Culinary Management students.

A whole pig was brought in to the Principles of Food Preparation class where students learned how to completely butcher the animal – a practice that is widely used in working kitchens.

Students learned all of the cuts necessary for their dishes which included stuffed pork loin, stuffed pork chops, beer marinated pork tenderloin, Chinese spare ribs, sweet and sour pork and escalope de porc – a classic French dish.

This experience will give students the hands-on skills needed to be successful in their culinary careers.