12:50 PM

WCTC announces name of redesigned owl mascot

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This year – 2023 – Waukesha County Technical College is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and as part of the centennial, the College’s owl mascot was renamed. The name was chosen through a voting process from submissions by members of the WCTC community, and the official name was revealed earlier in January to the College community.

 The new mascot – Oliver Lindholm Steele – pays homage to the College’s history: “Oliver” represents “all of you “– the faculty, staff, students, alumni, business and community partners who make the College a success; “Lindholm” pays tribute to the College’s first, full-time director, O.B. Lindholm, who served as the school’s leader for 26 years; and “Steele” is a nod to the family whose former farmland the main Pewaukee campus is built upon. More casually, the mascot will be known as “Ollie.”

 WCTC has been igniting imaginations and instilling a love of learning through transformative education for a century.  Throughout the year, many College and community events are planned to reflect on the past, look ahead to the future and celebrate the College’s achievements. Learn more: