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School of Health welcomes visitors from Ukraine

IMG_5565_HPS lab_group photo

As part of an eight-day visit to southeastern Wisconsin to research healthcare systems and health education, Open World program delegates from Ukraine visited the WCTC campus on Friday, Sept. 14, to learn more about the College, its program offerings and facilities. (The Open World program is an exchange for leaders in countries of the post-Soviet era to meaningfully engage with members of Congress and thousands of other Americans -- many of whom are delegates’ direct professional counterparts.)

Delegates represented the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, including the Center for Public Health; Patients of Ukraine charitable foundation; and Ivanivka Regional Center for Primary Health Care, Municipal Healthcare Enterprise. While at WCTC, guests watched a comprehensive presentation about WCTC’s health programs; toured specialty training facilities -- including the Human Patient Simulation, surgical technology, phlebotomy, nursing skills and dental hygiene labs -- led by associate deans Michele Nelson and Lisa Nowak; explored the campus with School of Health Dean Sandy Stearns; and talked with other faculty and staff.

Guests had opportunities to learn about how healthcare education is delivered at WCTC and the type of practical, hands-on training students receive. Additionally, the delegates visited and toured ProHealth, EPIC and other health-related organizations to gain a better understanding about the how health care and the financing of health services is structured in the United States. In Ukraine, the national healthcare system is in a state of transformation; healthcare reforms are underway to improve the quality of and access to care, plus, the healthcare financing system is being revamped.

The Rotary Club of Oconomowoc was instrumental in organizing the Ukrainian delegates’ visit and worked with the College and other organizations to coordinate special events for the group.

Included in the photo are Michele Nelson, Lisa Nowak and Jennifer Bowlin, WCTC School of Health, along with delegates from Ukraine: Svitlana Musiiaka, Ihor Bezkaravainyi, Liudmyla Grechana, Kseniia Serdiuk and Alina Shmatko. Not pictured: Serhiy Shtukarin.